Water Proofing

Paech Construction is the supplier and distributor of ABEP, Australian Building Envelope Protection.

This complete structural waterproofing solution is perfect for home and business construction projects.

A liquid cladding system, ABEP:

  • Is the world’s first wireless monitored wall system
  • Is a 24-step system for protecting plaster
  • Restores weather tightness integrity
  • Protects equity in monolithic homes

ABEP Liquid Cladding:

  • Is cost effective – approximately 20-25% of a typical reclad, in most cases
  • Is approved by the Australian Building Codes Board and the Department of Building and Housing in New Zealand to meet all building code performance requirements

For More information into waterproofing products please call 0210413724 or visit LIQUIDCLADDING.


For more information on ABEP Liquid Cladding please talk to the team at Paech Construction on 021 0413 724